People often ask about my design process, so I thought I’d share some of the images that have recently inspired my silk scarves.
I found the rather strange picture above, of two boys wearing top hats and velvet coats, while on a visit to Buenos Aires last year. From the moment I saw it I knew I would be working with it soon, and it eventually became part of the scarf I’ve called “Winter memories”, which I think retains some of the mystery that attracted me to the original image.

Silk crepe de chine scarf "dancing queen" with original vintage photo of dancer

The sexy odalisque of generous proportions that provided the starting point for “Dancing queen” was sent a New Year’s greeting card in 1905! I wonder if it may have been vaguely pornographic at the time? I wanted this design to be ethereal, romantic and innocent so I surrounded the dancer with flowers and used a soft colour scheme of light orange and pink.

Silk crepe de chine scarf "Waiting for you" with original photo of woman in swimming costume

For this last scarf, named “Waiting for you”, I used a photo of my mother from the late 50’s.
I love the tailored swimsuit and the look on her face, as if she is searching for someone who is approaching from far away. I chose a vibrant colour combination of greens, turquoise and a touch of magenta to represent strong Summer light, and also incorporated writing and postage seals that make me think of beach holiday postcards.

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