On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December several collective studios and artists’ houses in West Camberwell will be opening their doors to to art lovers, collectors and gift seekers. Here at 6 Empress Mews, my studio and home since 2015, I’ll be showing my new collection of collages, decoupaged glass dishes and decorative objects, as well as greeting cards, prints and jewellery. I’ll also have special studio offers including workshop vouchers (great Christmas presents!), discontinued stock, and the book House of Cards: step-by-step projects for beautiful handmade greetings cards.

Camberwell open studios image: collage on board by gabriela szulman
Camberwell open studios house of cards book and print offer

You will also find two invited artists at 6 Empress Mews this year: papercut maestro Kip Perdue of Kartegraphik and printmaker Sarah Hamilton.

Camberwell open studios papercuts by Kip Perdue Kartegrapik

Kip will be taking commissions for personalised maps in time for Christmas and showing a selection of his stunning hand-cut pictures, while Sarah will have her ever-popular trays plus Christmas cards, prints and drawings.

Camberwell open studios card drawing tray by sarah hamilton prints

Other open studios in the Mews: interior products by Mr & Mrs House (studio 1), fine artists Emanuele Gori and Paul Draper (studio 2), printmaker Pauline Amphlett (studio 8) and Norwegian crafts by Smed (studio 12).

Camberwell open studios fine artists Emanuele Gori and Paul Draper, printmaker Pauline Amphlett, interior products by Mr & Mrs house, and Norwegian crafts by Smed

The West Camberwell Open Studios Weekend is spread across ten different sites with over 60 creators: a great opportunity to do Christmas shopping with a difference and discover a plethora of unique items that you will not find on the hight street. Download the full brochure here (scroll to page 9 for West Camberwell listings) or, better still, pick up a copy from us and we’ll help you plan a route so that you make the most of your visit.

How to get here:

Empress Mews is off Kenbury Street, London SE5 9BT
Public transport:
Bus routes 35 (Shoreditch – Clapham Junction), 45 (St Pancras – Clapham Park), 345 (South Kensington – Peckham) to Lilford Road
Train stations Denmark Hill and Loughborough Junction
Tube station Brixton (just over a mile away)
On-street parking is free after 6.30 on weekdays and all weekend

Camberwell open studios empress mews SE5 9BT map

Camberwell Open Studios

Friday 8 December 6-9 pm
Saturday 9 / Sunday 10 December, 11 am – 6 pm
6 Empress Mews, London SE5 9BT

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Would you like to explore your creative side? I use the wonderful techniques of decoupage and collage in much of my work, and now I can teach you how to create your very own masterpieces!

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