Art doll – Beatrice


  • Handmade, one-off doll, 350 mm / 35 cm high
  • Collage, paint, glass cabochon. Articulated arms
  • Ready to hang on the wall
  • Each one of these dolls is unique and tells a little story. In her heart, Beatrice carries a picture of the man she hopes to meet but hasn’t so far: he has a kind face, a butterfly on his head and always brings her flowers. People keep saying to her that she should learn to play golf because that’s where chaps hang out, but she can’t quite see herself wearing the unflattering combination of shorts and t-shirt sported by the lady on on her back. Beatrice likes frills and is always immaculately turned out so I don’t think she’s going to join a golf club any time soon. Let’s hope she meets her beloved elsewhere…
  • Beatrice forms part of a collection of art dolls by Gabriela Szulman

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