I have been using both collage and decoupage in my work for a long time now, but only discovered that there was more to decoupage last year. The turning point came when I was shown how to decoupage the boots you see above, which were scuffed and worn but otherwise fine. So fine in fact that I was bored of wearing them, and while the soles and heels were in really good condition, the leather had lots of creases and looked “tired”. In other words, they were perfect for upcycling! In a few hours, with just paper and glue, I transformed them into this exuberant riot of  pink flowers. Other shoes and sandals followed (yes, I do have lots!) plus furniture, display props and much more.
I’ve recently started teaching this brilliant method of upcycling at my Camberwell studio and the results, even by people who have never tried the technique before, are invariably brilliant: below you can a selection of work done by students at my decoupage workshops.

Do you have any shoes you don’t wear any more and could do with creative upcycling? Join me in Camberwell for a shoe decoupage workshop and after just four hours you will leave with a “new” pair of shoes plus the creative inspiration and skills to try more decoupage at home. If none of the dates on offer suit you drop me a line or join the mailing list to be the first to hear about upcoming classes. I look forward to seeing you at the studio soon!

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