Hello, I’m Gabriela, an artist and maker. I create prints and collagesgreeting cards, jewellery and scarves with images inspired by memory, nostalgia and a love of everything vintage. 

My work is often humorous and whimsical – unless my romantic side takes over and then we enter into a fairy-tale territory of old-fashioned script, pages of books and music scores populated by chivalrous gentlemen, glamorous ladies, butterflies and rabbits.

I love delving into old photograph albums, vintage documents, magazines, books, cards, knitting pattern books and scraps of writing. Second-hand bookshops, junk shops, market stalls, attics and long-forgotten boxes are my treasure trove.

My work blends a fusion of painting and digital media – acrylic, watercolour and ink with digital print – onto paper and canvas to create pictures, quirky greetings cards and  a range of “art to wear” which so far includes silk scarves and a jewellery collection. In addition to my own creative pursuits, I love inspiring other people and sharing my skills, so I devote a portion of my time to teaching: you can see the range of courses available at the studio here.

I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but South London has been my home for many years now. I live in Camberwell, where I attended the College of Art in the early 90s.

After graduation, I ran a ceramics studio for twelve years, supplying a number of galleries across the UK and also selling internationally. More recently my work changed direction and I moved away from clay to start exploring ideas on paper and canvas, which led me to take an MA in studio printmaking from The University of Brighton, completed in 2007.

Since then, I have had two solo shows of mixed-media work in Buenos Aires and exhibited in London at a number of locations ranging from cafes to art galleries. Go over to the Stockists page if you would like to to find out where to view and purchase my work in the UK.