Altered art doll – Fleur


This is an altered vintage art doll, part of a series of collectible dolls upcycled by Gabriela . Each one has been transformed and given a new lease of life with white lacquer, body decoration consisting of antique lace motifs and 23 karat gold leaf. Fleur is wearing a gold cap, vest, gloves and long socks. Quirky and unusual.

  • Altered vintage doll, probably 1930s, porcelain and clay, 500 mm / 50 cm high
  • Lacquered, decorated with historic prints of lace and gilded with 23 karat gold leaf
  • White lacquer, decoupage, oil gilding, finished with a satin varnish
  • One of a kind
  • Art object, not a toy
  • Very fragile

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