How can you make the most of your walls and work out the best layout for your pictures, photographs and other art? Here are some basic tips I thought might help:

1: Large wall, large picture

You can’t go wrong with a big picture centred on a big wall. This collage certainly provides a colourful focal point above the sofa.

large collage on paper 'Happy anniversary' on living room wall

2: Large wall, small picture

If you feel brave, a smaller picture on a large wall can also make an impact. This framed giclee print adds a touch of colour to a relatively neutral bedroom.

giclee print 'starter home' on bedroom wall

3: The salon arrangement

This is a good option if you want to mix different styles of artworks. Start with a central picture and then expand to the sides. I recommend trying your arrangment first on the floor, using cardbaord templates cut to size.

Get the hang of displaying art on your living room wall

4: The geometric arrangement

A perfectly aligned group of pictures such as the one below always looks great on a wall but you need to be armed with patience to go for this approach as exactitude is key! The easiest way to achieve a good result is with a hanging system, which also has the advantage of allowing you to change the display as often as you like.

3 giclee prints on living room wall

5: No hanging required

This is the laziest solution: just rest your framed pictures on a piece of furniture. Works well with pictures of different size and content, such as this bright print next to a sepia family photograph.

giclee print 'butterfly lady' framed and resting on desk

6: No framing required

You can hang unframed pictures using clips or pins, although I wouldn’t do this with anything valuable or that needed protection. I like using this display method in the studio, with magazine pages, postcards or collages I’m working on.

picture made with vintage collage kit, unframed

7: Be your own quirky self!

This is my favourite wall at home and I can’t say I followed any rules to put it together! I created it by moving backwards and forwards rather chaotically between the objects and the wall display. Sometimes what works is simply following your gut so it’s useful to know when to push all rules to the side…

Get the hang of displaying art on your dining room wall

If you’re in the process of choosing art for your home or workplace, head over to the boutique to check out my collection of colourful pictures, quirky art dolls and decoupaged glass dishes.

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