In last week’s post I wrote about the first three objects I wouldn’t want to lose, the ones I would save from a fire. Today I share with you another three of my prized posessions: things I love for their intrinsic qualities and also as memory-holders.

The first one is a toy: a small tin dog that jumps up and down when the handle on its side is turned. Made from discarded materials – an old tin, a bottle cap and other bits of metal – it charms with its ingenuity. It is the work an Argentinian artist whose name I unfortunately don’t know, and was given to me by one of my sisters some years ago. I keep it on a studio shelf next to a tin clown on a motorbike, I imagine they like each other’s company.
tin dog toy made from recycled materials
My second object is a vintage pair of theatre glasses that belonged to my mother. She was an opera lover, and this was the set she always carried to performances. I love everything about them, from the mother-of-pearl surface to the battered old leather case with its blue satin lining. And of course, they remind me of my mum and the things she felt passionate about…
vintage opera glasses
The third object is one that has been with me almost as long as I have been in London: an old bread bin that I bought when I moved into my first flat. It wasn’t a practical purchase but rather something I saw at the local junk shop and immediately liked. Of course if really did have to pick up my prized posessions in a hurry I could always carry them in it!
vintage bread bin
What things would you save from a fire? Which are the objects that mean the most to you? Head over to my facebook page and show some of these, or tweet me some images: I would truly  love to see them! And of course, do pop back next week to see my last three objects in the series.
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